Gen Z is the generation born between 1997 and 2012. Gen Z includes roughly 68 million people, and, like all generations, they bring their own unique values and expectations to the workplace.  

Since Gen Z is the future workforce, it is important for employers to know what motivates them to be productive in the workplace.  


Gen Z is often motivated by a sense of purpose and knowing their work has an impact. To help make having purpose a priority in the workplace, leaders should help all employees understand how their individual contributions contribute to the company goals. 

Diversity and Inclusion  

83% of Gen Z respondents to a survey say they consider an employer’s commitment to diversity and inclusion when they are deciding where to work. Since diversity and inclusion are so important for Gen Z, employers should prioritize creating this type of work environment. 


Gen Z values flexibility and has increased motivation when they can set their own schedules and have a work-life balance. 75% of Gen Z says that would choose a job with greater flexibility over a job with a higher paying salary. Here are a few ways that employers can offer flexibility in their workplace:  

  • Providing hybrid or remote positions 
  • Not micromanaging employees 
  • Working with employees’ personal schedules 
  • Allowing employees to take important personal phone calls or appointments during regular work hours  


Gen Z has grown up around technology which makes them highly tech-savvy. 91% of Gen Z says that technology is a decisive factor when choosing a job. Technology has completely changed the way our society works and communicates, and Gen Z has all of the skill sets needed to help manage technology.  


61% of Gen Z says they would consider leaving their current job if they were offered better benefits elsewhere. Gen Z are more motivated to work hard for a company that provides them with competitive benefits.  

Here are the top three benefits that Gen Z is looking for when job-hunting:   

While these benefits are a must-have for Gen Z, including additional competitive benefits to your package can help your Gen Z employees stay productive and also help your company attract and retain employees.  

Generation Z is the future of the workforce, so it is important for employers to know what will help motivate them to work with the company long-term. Employers should consider incorporating some of these values and expectations into their company to help attract and retain Gen Z workers.