Recent graduates are entering the workforce, and they are finding themselves anxious, but optimistic. With an increase in economic uncertainty and layoffs, graduates are entering a competitive and challenging job market.  

Here are some things to know about recruiting recent graduates:  

They seek stability  

Recent graduates are eager to get their foot in the door in a competitive job market. 74% of graduates say they prioritize stability over working for a name-brand employer or fast-growing field.  

Many graduates are anxious about inflation and the number of layoffs they have been witnessing. This anxiety is causing a concern for their mental health, which is why job security is a priority for graduates who are job hunting.  

They prefer a hybrid schedule  

More than 7 in 10  graduates prefer to work in a hybrid environment. They specifically prefer a hybrid schedule because they believe that frequently meeting in person will help benefit their career, but they also seek the flexibility of being able to work remotely. 

They want mental health benefits 

 92% of recent graduates want mental health benefits to be included in their benefits package. They also seek the security and stability of benefits like 401(K) plans, health insurance, life insurance, paid time off, wellness programs, and a flexible work schedule.  

They desire diversity and inclusion  

More than half of the recent graduates said that a company’s diversity and inclusion is an important factor when applying for jobs. Recent graduates expressed that they would take pride in working for companies with a mix of experiences, opinions, ethnicities, and ages. 

They want access to career development 

Recent graduates are looking for employers that are committed to the growth and development of their employees. The companies that emphasize career training and mentorship are very appealing to recent graduates.  

Recent graduates are entering a competitive workforce. With an all-time increase in layoffs, graduates are anxious about getting a job, but they stay determined and continue to look for companies that provide them with stability, mental health benefits, opportunities for advancement, and flexibility.