Apple CEO Tim Cook sent a holiday email to all his employees that could teach all business owners a thing or two about employee engagement. Cook absolutely nails it with his message. Here are a few highlights:

Together we have reached new heights with our products and delivered Apple’s most innovative lineup ever. The overall tone of the email focuses on the team aspect of the company. People like to be part of a team. They like when hierarchical boundaries are broken down and the CEO talks to them as equals.

I’m immensely proud of the work that you and your teams are doing to make Apple a force for good in the world, both through our products and by making a difference on issues that touch millions of lives. The email talks not only about the good things the company has done for charity but also the impact their products have on the everyday lives of people. Being a part of something with a purpose is a huge factor in employee engagement.

Enjoy this time with your friends and loved ones. I could not be more excited about what’s in store for next year, and for the opportunity to work with all of you to make it happen. The email highlights the great things that have happened in the year, how well the company is doing, and the excitement for the future. Employees value security. They like to hear that the company they are working for is stable and will be well into the future.

Most customers will never know how hard you and your colleagues are working to make it a reality, but they will appreciate the depth of care and effort behind Apple Watch from the moment they put it on their wrist. People love Apple products, which means they love the work you do. The knowledge that you’ve done something great for someone else is a powerful reward — one which I hope you feel during the holiday season and throughout the year. There’s nothing else quite like it. Cook emphasizes the hard work and validates that most people don’t know how hard the employees work. Anyone who is feeling overworked or under appreciated will like to see this. He also shares his passion for his work and highlights the intrinsic rewards that are a part of working for Apple.

Overall the email does a great job of reminding employees of the great things that happened in 2014, reminds them that they are a part of something meaningful, and thanks them for their hard work. Have you thought about writing something similar to your employees?