Over the course of your life, you are likely going to run into a variety of medical issues that require a doctor’s attention. Some may be emergencies, while others may be minor inconveniences. These different scenarios call for different kinds of healthcare. You won’t go for help with a cold the same place you would for a heart attack. Knowing where to go when a health issue comes up can save you money and get you the medical attention you need more quickly. Here is a simple guide to help you find the right place to go to for your health needs:

Minor Health Concerns

According to EMI Health, 70% of doctor visits could be carried out over telemedicine instead. Telemedicine can be used for most non-life-threatening issues including allergies, cold or flu symptoms, fevers, rashes, nausea, and many others. On the Helpside Medical Plan, telehealth is available without a co-pay for all plan participants.

Small Health Concerns

Small health concerns can often be resolved through a general doctor’s office visit or a visit to a specialist. These are typically non-life-threatening situations but are generally used when the medical issue may require a specialist’s attention. It’s wise to schedule an appointment with your doctor’s office in the case of sprains, cuts and burns, chronic or recurrent pain, and minor eye injuries. Regular preventative care from your doctor’s office including annual wellness exams can also help keep you healthy.

Urgent Health Concerns

The urgent care is best used for urgent medical problems that aren’t immediately life-threatening. These kinds of issues include minor broken bones, stitches, and lab work. The urgent care is fast and costs less than going to the emergency room. If the medical problem isn’t life threatening you are much better off going to the urgent care than going to the emergency room.

Immediate Health Concerns

Immediate health concerns are things like life-threatening wounds, trouble breathing, stroke or heart attack symptoms, or seizures. If any of these or other life-threatening health problems occur, go straight to the emergency room. The emergency room prioritizes the most serious medical problems first, so when you need immediate care, they will help you quickly. If your concerns are more minor, you may have to wait a while as more serious conditions are being treated.

Knowing where to go when you encounter a health problem will help you save money and get the treatment you need faster.