While you can take measures to prevent injuries from happening, you won’t be able to prepare for and prevent every possible scenario. Injuries and accidents are bound to happen in your workplace, but there are ways you can minimize the effect they have on your employees. One of these ways is to ensure that employees have access to CPR and first aid training. CPR and first aid training have many benefits to your workplace. Here are some of them: 

Save Someone’s Life 

In cases of extreme injury or illness, quickly administering first aid or CPR can save someone’s life. Though you never want something life-threatening to occur in your workplace it’s good to be prepared in case of an emergency. The more people certified in first aid or CPR, the more likely the injured individual is to get the help they need quickly.  

Reduce Injury Impact 

The care people receive immediately following illness or injury can make a huge impact on recovery time. Beyond that, when an injured individual receives help quickly, they may feel safer and be in less distress. Keeping employees trained in first aid and CPR will increase your chances of keeping employees healthy and safe.  

OSHA Compliance 

OSHA requires that employers have first aid available within 3-4 minutes of any worksite. If you and your employees are trained in first aid and CPR, you can ensure that you are always able to provide necessary aid quickly to an injured individual.  

Get First Aid and CPR Certified in Utah 

If you want to get yourself or your employees first aid and CPR certified, you can participate in Helpside’s CPR and first aid courses. We offer several options to fit your unique needs at competitive pricing. If you’re interested in learning more about our courses, you can reach us at service@helpside.com 

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