Managers have a big impact on the actions of the employees they oversee. Engaged managers can increase the amount of engaged employees on your workforce, and disengaged managers will do the opposite. Making sure your managers are engaged and happy can improve the productivity of your entire company. Here are some ways to make sure your managers stay engaged:

Set Clear Goals

Creating attainable goals for your managers, or helping them to create goals for their employees, can create more job fulfillment and engagement for your managers. Teach your managers to set good goals. Give them direction when needed and keep an open channel of communication so your managers have the resources they need to complete their goals. 

Build a Leadership Development Program

Continued learning is a great way to keep your managers engaged. Make sure your leadership program is unbiased and focused on succession planning. The best way to make this program successful is to take stock of each manager’s needs and aspirations. This will help your managers understand that you’re invested in their improvement, and that they’re an important part of the company.

Offer Work-Life Balance Centered Benefits

Managers often have to work long hours and therefore have trouble keeping a work-life balance. This trouble can spread to the managers’ employees and cause mass burnout in your company. Provide benefits that are centered on or facilitate work-life balance. Some ideas for benefits are throwing a family-centered work party or providing work from home or flexible schedule benefits. Use the benefits that work best for your company. If work-life balance is something you want for all employees, your leaders need to be modeling positive behaviors. 

Establish a Culture of Open Communication

Making it easy for managers to communicate stressors or problems will make it easier to avoid disengagement. Do what you can to help managers through hard time or resolve issues. In the long run, this will make your managers more loyal to you and more engaged in the workplace. 

These four action items can help you to ensure that your managers stay engaged.