Looking around at your organization, you may see issues that most business owners face; turnover, less than stellar productivity and overall feeling that employee engagement at your organization could be better. You probably recognize that things could be better, but tackling the issue of increasing employee engagement is daunting. One great place to start is with offering leadership training and other professional development opportunities to your managers.Cover

We know that offering training and professional development increases employee engagement, but think about the trickledown effect of leadership training and professional development for your managers. You managers are more fulfilled, satisfied and engaged because they are receiving training that allows them to grow professionally. In turn they are becoming better leaders, which make your other employees more engaged. According to research by Gallup, managers account for up to 70% of variance in employee engagement. That is a huge impact.

There are plenty of real-life examples all around us that prove that the impact of managers is so important. Think about your favorite chain restaurant or retail store. The customer service and employees at each location can vary so much. But why is that? They have the same mission, values, corporate culture and CEO. What can you attribute the difference to? The managers. The leaders at their specific location have the greatest impact on their employees’ engagement and in turn employee performance and customer service.

If you are ready to implement some professional development or leadership training for your managers, contact an HR Advisor to see what options might best fit your organization.